Inhouse test benches

Water test benches:
Max. flow rate 120 m3/h, max. pressure 7 bar
Max. flow rate 700 m3/h, max. pressure 5 bar

Water test benches / Warm water test benches:
Max. flow rate 0,4 m3/h, max. pressure 400 bar, max. temperature 95 C
Max. flow rate 1 m3/h, max. pressure 140 bar, max. temperature 95 C
Max. flow rate 3 m3/h, max. pressure 20 bar, max. temperature 95 C
Max. flow rate 6 m3/h, max. pressure 15 bar, max. temperature 95 C
Max. flow rate 0,1 m3/h, max. pressure 8 bar, max. temperature 130 C

Air test benches:
Pressure vessel 5 m3, max. pressure 10 bar
Pressure vessel 2 m3, max. pressure 24 bar

Fan: Max. flow rate 45.000 m3/h

Fire Type / Fire Resistance / Flame Resistance test benches:
Valves, hoses, and couplings systems tested by external flame application

Endurances test benches: Flow, strength, and temperature stresses

Sound test bench: Sound measurements with acoustic measurement chamber
for flowed through valves / fittings with air or water flow

Pressure test benches: Strength and tightness tests up to 1500 bar for liquids
and up to 200 bar for gases

Vacuum test bench: Vacuum tests up to 10 mbar (abs)

Self-ignition temperature test bench: Non-metallic materials in oxygen athmosphere,
max. 500 C, max. 150 bar

Simulation software

Fluiddynamc and sound technical calculations for valves and devices

Fluiddynamc calculations for pipe systems with valves, vessels etc.


Measurement technology for pressures, temperatures and flow rates

Sound measurement technology, acoustic measurement chamber