Fire safe tests

With our fire test benches, which can be adapted to your requirements, we test your fittings, valves, seals, expansion joints and hoses for fire safety.

Why fire safety tests?

That you know the resistance of your component in case of a fire. Therefore we simulate a real fire according to the described requirements in the standards.  

What are we testing for fire safety?

Whats about certification?

We will create a detailed report for each test. In addition the tests can be confirmed by a certified party as TÜV, LRQA, BV or DNV. 

Offer of our fire safety tests

Fire type tests

Feuertypprüfung, Fire Type DIN EN ISO 10497, API 607, API 6FA Test
Feuerwiderstandsprüfung, Fire Resistance Test, DIN EN ISO 15540, ISO 19921

Fire Resistance Test

Flame resistance tests

Flammbeständigkeitsprüfung, DIN 73379-3, EN 13483

Have we piqued your interest ?

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