Strength and tightness tests

Detect the limits of your valve in an experimental test. 

Dichheitsprüfung DIN EN 12662
Leckagetest DIN EN 12662
Festigkeitstest DIN EN 12662

With strenght tests you can detect the resistance of your valve/fitting against a pressure load up to component failure. Leakage tests are used to prove the tightness of a test sample and to localise the leakage.
Tightness/strength can be determined with vacuum or overpressure.  

What can be tested?

What do we test?

After consultation there are Individual requirements for the test procedure, such as different temperatures of the environment or the medium easily possible. 

according to: DIN EN 12266, DIN EN 13483

You want to test your valve for tightness or strength?

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